Activity Book and Mini Book Pack Bundle 7

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Parents and children love using the Reading Eggs activity book series, and you will too!

Filled with highly engaging, easy-to-follow learning activities, the books are an excellent way to boost your child’s confidence in reading, phonics and writing, while providing hours of fun.

These books are designed to supplement the award-winning Reading Eggs online programme, and can also be used on their own. Research shows that children enjoy the greatest gains in learning by using a combination of digital and print resources. This is the perfect choice to help your child master the essential early literacy skills they need for reading success.

Reading Eggs Activity Book 

Activity Book 7 is designed for children who haven already started their reading journey. It fully supports and reinforces lessons 61–70 of the Reading Eggs programme, and is recommended for ages 5–7.

This book will help children to:

  • read and write the alphabet
  • write words correctly
  • read with understanding
  • develop phonics skills
  • match pictures to words
  • practise their handwriting
  • read and write sentences.

Reading Eggs Mini Book Packs

Reading Eggs - Beginning to Read - Book Pack 6 contains 10 readers, a poster and sticker sheet, parent guide.

Once a lesson has been completed, children will read a book online. The matching book can then be read from the Book Pack.

After each lesson, children will earn a new Reading Eggs critter and can keep track of their progress by adding stickers to their map poster (included in each pack). They can add their new Reading Eggs critter sticker, the book read and a star. It's fun!


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